Friday, November 15, 2013

My Life Expanding

Oh my goodness...I'm finally finished!
I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever come. I never gave up on it. I just kind of pushed it aside for a bit. My original intent was to learn something new with each little segment. I really didn't want to just fake it and add things I already knew. So, instead of keeping to my schedule, I kept to my intent. I'm so happy with all the little things I learned and I love the charm of the finished work. I've been seeing my sampler, unfinished on Pinterest. I really hated that it wasn't done, but I was so thrilled with how it kept showing up on some really neat boards.
I did these little pin wheel flowers about a month ago. It is said to be the easiest and fasted flower in embroidery. I have to say that it was fun and very easy! All you do it to create an wheel with each spoke the length of the finished flower. Just wind the floss or thread around, going through each spoke to anchor it.

I used fishbone stitches for the leaves, using a variegated thread. I then added french knots to the center of the flower. Its very cheery and quaint in the end.

I adorned a square I did in February. It just seemed too bare. Maybe its spring eating at my spirit. I just had to add a little sumptin sumptin.

My post today is about doing the things we dream about. I wanted to learn how to applique the old fashioned way. I thought I wouldn't have the patience. Turns out I do. My first project was my sampler. I created a sweet little pansy. I really love it and hope to add applique to many of my shop items on Etsy.

My last square involves a stitch very similar to the bullion stitch. Its called the cast on stitch. I liked it more than the dizzle stitch because you don't have to re-thread the needle. Its like the bullion except the shape you get from casting on instead of winding the row of dimensional stitches. Its very easy. I added some bullion stitches to the outside, just to give it a soft edge. Its kind of small, but very sweet.

The final touch was to sign the sampler and date it.

I think I am going to frame it in a shadow box frame. I'll keep in on display to remind myself to keep learning and honing my craft. It will remind me to be curious and to attempt things I'm not sure I can do. What happens when I fail... the earth still spins and I just need to try again. I hope you enjoyed this project and that you try a sampler of your own.
I'll be posting a tutorial on how to applique later this week. Thanks for Stitching with Me!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

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